Alicia is interviewed for her upcoming movie ‘Seventh Son’. She talks about her character Alice, good vs evil and much more!

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I have updated the gallery with several ‘Testament of Youth’ stills.

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Alicia attended a post-screening Q&A for ‘Testament of Youth’ on January 12, 2015 in London.

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Finally, I’ve been able to add high quality scans of Alicia in January 3, 2015 issue of Telegraph magazine. Enjoy!

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Two new outtakes of Alicia for the Telegraph have been added to the gallery.


BIG ISSUEBelieve it or not, you have at least eight major films coming out this year… Finally I get to see them! All four films I made in 2013 ended up being long in post-production then there were four films I did last year, so by strange coincidence they are coming out all at the same time.

Good planning? It’s definitely not planned. I hope there’s not going to be too much of myself.

It would be impossible for people to get sick of you because the roles are very different: World War One heroine Vera Brittain in Testament of Youth, a German car mechanic in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., a robot in Ex_Machina… What range! It’s fun though. You couldn’t get more different films. I don’t want to repeat myself. The parts I go for, the parts I really want, are ones that scare me a bit, make me work hard and push myself. Trying to do another accent immediately makes you go into a different character.

Are Swedish people good at different accents? Since I was young I’ve enjoyed playing with language. I was probably 10 when I started English at school and early on I tried to see if I could read sentences losing my accent.

It’s not just accents you’ve learnt but a whole new language for Oscar-nominated Danish film A Royal Affair. I’m not going to lie, I’ve always been quite terrified. When I did A Royal Affair I felt sick every morning. Thank God my co-star Mads Mikkelsen had done films in French and German and knew what I was going through. He was a big support. Two seconds… [At this point Testament of Youth co-star and Game of Thrones heartthrob Kit Harington enters the room and Alicia bounces off to greet him.] Sorry, I haven’t seen Kit in a very long time.

I’m honoured you came back to me at all! It was recently the 100th anniversary year of the start of World War One. We heard a lot about the men who were lost in battle but not as much about what women and people on the homefront went through. We’ve been fighting to tell this story because there hasn’t been a feature film about that. Testament of Youth is probably one of the most-read war novels – and for that time unusually it was written by a woman. It’s also a testament to the people Vera lost – her brother and her dear friends and fiancé. She wanted to keep them alive through telling her story.


FILM3SIXTY – Rising-star Alicia Vikander and future Star Wars star Domhnall Gleeson discuss their collaboration on Alex Garland’s Ex Machina.

This year, get ready to see a lot of Alicia Vikander and Domhnall Gleeson. The former will star in no less that eight films that will be released across 2015. While Domhnall Gleeson will be making an appearance in the hotly anticipated Star Wars, directed by J.J. Abrams.

Before this though, audiences will see the pair star in Alex Garland’s Ex Machina. Garland’s film is not the first time this pair of actors has starred together. In 2012, they appeared together in Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina. This time around they are the focus of Garland’s heady sci-fi.

Gleeson stars as Caleb, a computer programmer, who wins a company prize to spend a week with the tech entrepreneur and recluse Nathan at his Alaskan retreat. The purpose of the trip is to test Nathan’s latest creation, a beautiful artificial intelligence named Ava (Vikander).

We spoke with Gleeson and Vikander about reuniting on set and their thoughts on the future of artificial intelligence.

Domhnall, were you shocked the first time you saw Alicia in her bodysuit and make-up as Ava?
DG: Yeah, but it was amazing. The first time I meet Alicia on set was the first day of shooting on the film. We shot our scenes in sequence, so it was walking into the room to all of that strangeness, and I hadn’t seen her move like that before. So all of that as a package was great because you hope they got it all on film.
Alicia, did your ballet training help with the physicality of the role at all?
AV: I think I enjoy working with physicality, so that was either consciously or unconsciously there obviously because of my time at ballet school. I admire actors who are able to be physically chameleons and find new ways of acting with their bodies, and I enjoy finding the physicality for any part I play and getting a direct axis into that role.

Was there anything you could study for the role, like prototypes of moving machines or whatever?
AV: Not really, because this form of technology is still speculative. I did get curious about the subject of the film, and I watched documentaries about artificial intelligences, but more than anything, I went with what instinctively felt right for the character.

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I’ve replaced/added outtakes with high quality ones from Vogue UK (February 2015). Thanks to Alikat for the pictures.

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