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Sep 2017
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Sep 2017
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Sep 2017
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Last week, Alicia was in Toronto to promote ‘Euphoria’ with director Lisa Langseth during Toronto International Film Festival. She stopped by the Variety Studio before attending the premiere and after party. As always, the festival gave us several portraits. You can now visit our gallery to check all the high quality pictures!

Public Appearances > 2017 > Toronto International Film Festival – Variety Studio
Public Appearances > 2017 > Toronto International Film Festival – ‘Euphoria’ Premiere
Public Appearances > 2017 > Toronto International Film Festival – ‘Euphoria’ Premiere (After Party)
Studio Photoshoots > Press Conferences & Portraits > 2017: Toronto International Film Festival – ‘Euphoria’ Portraits
Studio Photoshoots > Press Conferences & Portraits > 2017: Toronto International Film Festival – ‘Euphoria’ Portraits #2
Studio Photoshoots > Press Conferences & Portraits > 2017: Toronto International Film Festival – ‘Euphoria’ Portraits #3
Studio Photoshoots > Press Conferences & Portraits > 2017: Toronto International Film Festival – ‘Euphoria’ Portraits #4
Studio Photoshoots > Press Conferences & Portraits > 2017: Toronto International Film Festival – ‘Euphoria’ Portraits #5
Studio Photoshoots > Press Conferences & Portraits > 2017: Toronto International Film Festival – ‘Euphoria’ Portraits #6
Sep 2017
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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY – Alicia Vikander isn’t necessarily looking to start a family just yet, but the actress has an idea about how she’d want to raise any potential children in the future.

“Any life is different. I try to just remember that,” Vikander, 28, told Entertainment Weekly, PEOPLE, and InStyle at the Toronto International Film Festival on Monday, where she’s promoting the film Euphoria. “It’s really been the people surrounding me growing up — my family members but also my friends kind of formed who I am. I do believe a lot of that context and environment is part of creating who we are, not only nature. I would want to do that with a family one day too if that’s the case.”

The Oscar-winning Vikander has been dating actor Michael Fassbender, 40, since the pair met on the set of The Light Between Oceans in 2014.

“It wasn’t the first time in a movie either of us had played somebody who is falling in love,” Fassbender told EW last year about falling in love in real life while playing characters in love on screen. “There is an element of separation there. If I’m playing a murderer, I don’t go out and start murdering people.”

“I think we’ve made a clear statement that we keep certain things just between us. It was very easy to unite, but that’s quite personal,” added Vikander.

Sep 2017
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THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER – Lisa Langseth’s drama stars Vikander and Eva Green as estranged sisters who take a mysterious trip and face their complicated family history.

Alicia Vikander and Eva Green star in Euphoria as two estranged sisters who take a mysterious European trip and are forced to grapple with their complicated family history. Also featuring Charlotte Rampling, the drama is Vikander’s third collaboration with director Lisa Langseth (after 2009’s Pure and 2013’s Hotel) as well as the first film from Vikander’s namesake company Vikarious Productions.

Ahead of Euphoria’s world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, Vikander (who is also in the TIFF title Submergence) and Langseth spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about exploring sisterhood onscreen and propelling female-directed films forward.

What was the toughest part about making this movie?
VIKANDER I was so drawn to this portrait of these two extremely strong women and their relationship. They’re so different and have chosen their paths in life, and yet they’re so deeply connected because of their family bond. It’s a relationship you’re born into, and it is so deep. But the sisters, all their scenes have different levels of them trying to reach one another — as soon as the other person says something that annoys the other, they will be straight onto it. It’s tricky with those nuances, but it was fun to explore.

LANGSETH Me and Alicia, we’re thinkers, we’re rational. Our characters that Alicia’s been playing have that similar problem — they’re strong women who try to deal with their strong, unrational feelings. So that’s a struggle we also had when we were on set — trying not to plan so much and just try to be completely emotional.

What was your producer-director dynamic like?
VIKANDER Lisa and I sat down at a lovely lunch to catch up, and I had already for two or three years about maybe starting a production company one day with my business partner [Charles Collier]. I wanted to be part of the process as early as possible. Lisa mentioned that she was working on this story, and I really, really wanted to work with her again. I admire what she does and her work should get the chance to get a bigger audience, the audience that I think her work deserves. We discussed making the film in the English language to hopefully reach further, and right there and then, I felt that this could be a great start.

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Sep 2017
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‘Tomb Raider’ is featured in the newest issue of Empire magazine. And with that, we get a new look at Alicia as Lara Croft! Head over to our gallery to check the digital scan.

Aug 2017
Movies, Tulip Fever  •  By  •  Comments Off on ‘Tulip Fever’ Gets Wide Labor Day Release

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER – That means the long holiday won’t be bereft of any new nationwide offerings at the box office.
The Weinstein Co.’s long-gestating Tulip Fever is now set to bloom over Labor Day weekend.

The period drama starring Alicia Vikander will open in theaters nationwide Friday, Sept. 1, instead of rolling out in select cinemas Aug. 25, TWC said Wednesday.

If Tulip Fever doesn’t stick to the revised plan, it will be the first time in 25 years that there isn’t one new nationwide offering at the Labor Day box office.

Tulip Fever was first slated to open in July 2016, but was pushed back to Feb. 24 of this year. Next, it was shifted to Aug. 25.

The film, which features Vikander opposite Dane DeHaan and Christoph Waltz, is based on Deborah Moggach’s novel about an artist (DeHaan) who falls in love with a married woman (Vikander) after he’s commissioned by her husband (Waltz) to paint her portrait.

Justin Chadwick directed the pic from an adapted script by Tom Stoppard.

Aug 2017
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Alicia graces the cover of September issue of ELLE (US) magazine. We will add the scans and hopefully more outtakes as soon as they become available! But for now, you can read an excerpt from her interview and have a first look at her beautiful new photoshoot.

E!ONLINE – Say hello to ELLE’s latest cover girl, Tulip Fever star Alicia Vikander.

Gracing the pages of the coveted September issue, the 28-year-old Academy Award winner models a series of looks by Bottega Veneta, Calvin Klein, Céline, J. Crew, Louis Vuitton and Nina Ricci. Though Vikander is famously tightlipped about her romance with Michael Fassbender, the actress—and the people who know her best—are outspoken about other facets of her life.

Here, E! News highlights five tidbits from the magazine’s cover story:

1. She Got in Killer Shape for Tomb Raider
The actress spent 95 days shooting the movie reboot. “I love big popcorn movies. I’ve never done action scenes on this level—not even close. It feels like I’m back to dancing—the training, the intensity. You need to be aware of your movement up in the wires and how your body works,” says Vikander, a trained ballerina. Due to the physical demands of the role, the 5-foot-5 actress spent a significant amount of time “bulking up quite a lot at first and then trying to just, like, tone down,” the movie star says. “I’ve never been able to lift my own weight, and the day when you have that capacity, it’s pretty empowering! And you get the endorphins afterward.”

2. She’s Ready for Motherhood
While discussing her role in the 2013 Swedish film Hotell, in which Vikander played a woman suffering from postpartum depression, the actress voluntarily reveals that she wants to start a family of her own. “I don’t even have children, and it’s the wonder of my world. I’ve always wanted kids. I’ve never been pregnant, but I hope to have a family one day,” she tells editor Ben Dickinson. “It’s both the expectation and knowing that it should be the greatest experience of my life—and suddenly from one day to another, it’s a reality; it’s a new chapter of your life.”

3. She Almost Gave Up on Acting
After being rejected from drama school (twice!), Vikander was about to call it quits—that is, until she was cast in Pure. “It’s so strange to say, but I knew that this was my one shot,” she says of the 2010 movie. “It was such a layered role; I knew it would be my one chance to show what I could do.” So, director Lisa Langseth took a chance on Vikander, then a virtual unknown. “As a director, the actor is like a material, and she could conform to anything I gave her to do,” she says of the star, who was “never tired” on set. “She was completely open—and not scared.”