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Jul 2013
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Talk about long-gestating! “The Seventh Son” cast its young leads back at the beginning of 2011 and filming took place in the beginning of 2012, but over two years later and…. we’re still several months away from its release. Further bad news: The release date it finally landed on is in the barren desert of January 2014. There might be cause for concern here, but for now, the first trailer has dropped.

Ben Barnes plays the seventh son of the seventh son, which means he’s The One to help Jeff Bridges take on the evil witches, led by Julianne Moore, who are also apparently part dragon. Lots of Medieval battles go down, and Barnes meets a beautiful young witch in Alicia Vikander, who tries to convince him that not all witches are evil. The footage looks like standard period fantasy action flick stuff to me, and really dark (screen brightness-wise), so we’ll see how Barnes’ second attempt at leading a big budget blockbuster fares.

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