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Oct 2013
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Alicia looks totally different in the latest issue (#15) of Acne Paper magazine. We added some scans to the gallery. We are looking for the full issue so, if you can help us it would be great, thank you!

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FASHIONISTAFashionista: How did you land on these three actresses? What made them a good fit or what do you find interesting about each of them?
Thomas Persson: Each of the three actresses have very different personalities; they are different ages, different nationalities, different training, but they have all very much forged their own path within their field. Lake is a comedian, a director, and a screenwriter–a big personality and American. Kristin is French-English and most famous for her more classical roles which is something she just at the time of the interview slightly departed from in the film Only God Forgives directed by Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn (director of Drive with Ryan Gosling), which she discusses at length with him in the magazine. She was photographed by Katerina Jebb, a longterm collaborator of Acne. Alicia Vikander is a Swedish actress who is just exploding onto the scene and we spoke to her about how it is to be a young actress today, the pressures that didn’t exist just a generation ago and how you keep your integrity. All three are incredibly intelligent, aware ladies who give very interesting observations on their industry and craft.

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