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Oct 2013
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Alicia did some photoshoot sessions during her press junket interview for her movies “The Fifth Estate” and “Hotell” before,  more photos from the sessions have been added to the gallery.


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Age: 24 (25 on Thursday).

Lives : All around the movie recordings worldwide.Vikander had no particular base in the last three years.Coming from Gothenburg. Moved to Stockholm at age 15.

Family: Mother, father, two older and three younger siblings. Not discuss his private life and eventual boyfriend.

Occupation: Actress. Former ballet dancer.

Current: By starring in Lisa Langseths movie “hotel.”Also plays in “The fifth estate” against Benedict Cumberbatch , “Seventh Son” with Jeff Bridges andJulianne Moore , “Son of a gun” against Ewan McGregor and “Ex Machina” by Alex Garland . Shoots right now “The Man from UNCLE” by Guy Ritchie. Next year, she huvdrollen in “Tulip Fever” by Justin Chadwick .

Background: Slog through 2009 in Lisa Langseths “For what is beautiful. ” Got a Guldbaggegatan for role performance. Has also played in the “Crown Jewels”.Searched drama school twice without entering.

EXPRESSEN (translated roughly from swedish, pardon for the typo and mistakes) – On the net tops two news with Alicia Vikander, 24. One is a nifty interview from the prestigious magazine Vanity Fair, the second is an article in which she is described as Alexander Skarsgård’s girlfriend.

On one hand, glamor, on the other hand gossip. The actress has learned to take the bad with the good in Hollywood and sighs to Alexander Skarsgard-rumors:

– I’ve known the brothers for many years and they are close friends of mine, she says.

The Swedish superstar stopover in Sweden for the premiere of “hotels” where she is doing the lead role as Erika. Once again (last time was in “Royal Affair”) plays Vikander a tormented mother.
– Yes, I have done some births, she says, laughing.

You personally have no children. Why you are drawn to these challenging mother roles?

– I have an extreme fear of this by getting pregnant and giving birth. I think most actresses are drawn to this complex, there’s more depth to it, more to take off.

When you have kids then?

– Ahhh. I have no idea. I know I want kids but not right now. It is not the closest.

I think so. Vikander career is hotter than the hottest right now.All five foreign films with the actress is coming up on the big screen.

– Two or three years ago I did not think I was going to work abroad. Then I think it’s pretty awful what you send out: But it’s my job today, especially abroad – press around, glamor, red carpet.Man living by selling the illusion of what you actually do. One would like to say to young girls that it’s a lot of work, a lot of shit to do.

“Everyone is so nice”

Alicia Vikander have cut through to the top. Lived efficient (special thanks to cheap black pudding here), the sample filmed himself at home, nagged, and got yes.

Do you have paparazzi following you now?

– Now it has become so. But I have “Superman” (opponent Henry Cavill ) beside me and he gets all the attention with all the girls come running. But we talked about it, while it’s the nicest compliment. Everyone is so nice. They sit there for a whole day to get a picture. That’s great.

“I am thankful”

The fame is as yet a rather favorable level.

– I have not felt it much yet, although I know I have created a name in the industry.So far it has been good. Now I am so grateful that I know what I’ll do next year.

What is the strangest deal you got?

– Yes … Can we do it another interview? Ha, ha.

All right. Tell me something that can be pressed when …

– There’s more normalization. It comes to strange places. I have recorded on mountain tops, and then it will enter a storm. Then it is not so Glamorgan. It is nine hours in bushes in hail and rain, and think that it’s crazy. Or you end up in Russia and it’s minus 40 and the wolves on set.

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