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Dec 2013
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REFINERY 29 – Alicia Vikander has not had a home in three years. The 25-year-old Scandinavian actress, who first gained stateside attention for her roles in Anna Karenina and The Fifth Estate, has eschewed mainstays like say, a well-worn boucherouite rug and a postal address, for two suitcases and a blossoming career that has taken her from movie set to movie set, holding her own against A-list talent like Keira Knightley, Julianne Moore, and Jeff Bridges. If anyone can make vagabond en vogue, it’s this gal. (Even her makeup tricks are shorthand, i.e. dabbing a vamp lipstick on both lips and cheeks.)

No surprise then, that when we caught up with Vikander at the Marrakech International Film Festival, she had just flown in from London after wrapping the Guy Ritchie remake of the ‘60s spy thriller, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. The lithesome beauty, who trained for nine years at the Royal Swedish Ballet School before refocusing on acting, was in the Red City to accept the Best Performance by an Actress award for Lisa Langseth’s knockout indie drama, Hotell, in which she plays Erika, a new mother who is suffering from extreme postnatal depression and finds solace in the anonymity of hotels.

We sat down with the actress at the opulent Hotel Es Saadi and talked everything from acting crazy, traveling light, and nixing that trick-candle rumor about a certain True Blood hunk…

I can’t tell you how much I loved this film. It was so affecting, I think I stopped breathing in a few of the scenes.
“Thank you! I was really drawn to the script, especially after working with the director, Lisa Langseth, on Pure. Many women go through [postnatal depression] if they have a family, but it’s still a very taboo subject; I’ve never really seen it portrayed on screen. I mean, I didn’t even really know how it would work just by reading the script. I would end up laughing just two, three pages straight after some extremely moving, horrific scene. I was quite amazed at how Lisa was able to bring it all to the screen.”

The scene when Erika and her husband Vikard are in the hospital for the emergency delivery — it’s as if the camera brought you beside, so that every excruciating breath was taken as your own. What was going through your mind?
“When we did that scene, I think I channeled my own very big fear of birth. I don’t have any kids yet, and I want to have them, but I’m terrified. So, just to go through that scene was quite difficult, and we did one really long shot in real time — I think it was 25 minutes — we did it with real nurses and real doctors in a real hospital. We prepared for that scene for two days, and it felt like 25 minutes is how long an emergency delivery would take.”

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