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Sep 2017
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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY – Alicia Vikander isn’t necessarily looking to start a family just yet, but the actress has an idea about how she’d want to raise any potential children in the future. “Any life is different. I try to just remember that,” Vikander, 28, told Entertainment Weekly, PEOPLE, and InStyle at the Toronto International Film Festival on Monday, where she’s promoting the film Euphoria. “It’s really been the people surrounding

Sep 2017
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THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER – Lisa Langseth’s drama stars Vikander and Eva Green as estranged sisters who take a mysterious trip and face their complicated family history. Alicia Vikander and Eva Green star in Euphoria as two estranged sisters who take a mysterious European trip and are forced to grapple with their complicated family history. Also featuring Charlotte Rampling, the drama is Vikander’s third collaboration with director Lisa Langseth (after 2009’s

Aug 2017
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Alicia graces the cover of September issue of ELLE (US) magazine. We will add the scans and hopefully more outtakes as soon as they become available! But for now, you can read an excerpt from her interview and have a first look at her beautiful new photoshoot. E!ONLINE – Say hello to ELLE’s latest cover girl, Tulip Fever star Alicia Vikander. Gracing the pages of the coveted September issue, the

Jul 2017
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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY – Lara Croft is finding her roots. Next year’s Tomb Raider reboot, adapted from the 2013 video game, portrays Croft (Alicia Vikander) as a young woman working an ordinary day job in London. A clue leads her to embark on a search for her presumed-dead archeologist father (Dominic West). “She has all the fierce, tough, curious, intelligent traits,” Vikander says, “but we’ve stripped away all of her experience.

Mar 2017
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VANITY FAIR – Alicia Vikander had a major breakout year in 2015, playing both a mysterious (and eventually vengeful) robot in Ex Machina as well as a devoted wife and artist in The Danish Girl. It was the latter role that won her the Oscar and could have minted an entire career in thoughtful period dramas. Instead, for her follow-up, Vikander is going the action-heroine route, donning the iconic tank

Sep 2016
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THE NEW YORK TIMES – It’s impossible to watch “The Light Between Oceans” — Derek Cianfrance’s tale of a childless Australian couple who discover a baby in a rowboat and keep it — and not assume that you’re witnessing its stars, Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender, falling in love. After all, speculation ran rampant last year when photographs suggested that the incandescent actors were an item — a suggestion that

Aug 2016
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Aug 2016
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Alicia and Michael Fassbender recently talked to the Los Angeles Times about their upcoming film, ‘The Light Between Oceans.’ Two beautiful outtakes have been added to the gallery and you can read their interview below. GALLERY LINKS Studio Photoshoots > Outtakes & Sessions > 2016 > Session 016 LA TIMES – Michael Fassbender tensed up for the briefest instant when the topic of his relationship with Alicia Vikander, both his