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Feb 2017
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Alicia is back in Los Angeles for the Oscars and last night she attended the Bvlgari’s Pre-Oscar Dinner at Chateau Marmont. Head over to our gallery for high quality pictures, enjoy!

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Feb 2017
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Alicia Vikander’s ‘Tulip Fever’ Release Pushed Again by Weinstein Company

Sadly, Tulip Fever has been pushed again. It will be released sometime later this year.

THE WRAP – The Weinstein Company film Tulip Fever has been punted down the release schedule yet again.

The Alicia Vikander drama will not open on Feb. 24 as planned but will be “moved to later in 2017,” a TWC spokesperson told TheWrap.

A specific release date wasn’t given. The film had already been moved once, away from a July 2016 opening where it was expected to enter this year’s awards conversation.

Tulip Fever was directed by Justin Chadwick, with a screenplay by Tom Stoppard adapting Deborah Moggach’s acclaimed novel. Alison Owen and Harvey Weinstein served as producers.

Set in 17th century Amsterdam, the film follows a married woman (Vikander) who begins a passionate affair with an artist (Dane DeHaan) hired to paint her portrait. The lovers gamble on the booming market for tulip bulbs as a way to raise money to run away together.

The film has a starry ensemble that includes Oscar winners Christoph Waltz and Judi Dench, as well as Jack O’Connell, Cara Delevingne, Zach Galifianakis, Tom Hollander, Holliday Grainger, David Harewood and Matthew Morrison. The studio cut a trailer for the project last year, which can be viewed below.

While TWC is enjoying some late-in-the-season success with their film “Lion” — which earned six Oscar nominations including Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress for Nicole Kidman and Best Supporting Actor for Dev Patel — distribution is a touchy subject at the moment.

The company was hit with a lawsuit last week from a subsidiary of fellow distributor FilmNation for allegedly violating the release terms on their co-production The Founder.

FilmNation claims that TWC agreed it would not release any other film within two weeks of the Ray Kroc biopic starring Michael Keaton. TWC indeed wound up rolling out another awards hopeful — Matthew McConaughey’s Gold — the weekend after The Founder opened in limited release. FilmNation is seeking the most valuable of two settlement options: the full cost of their final prints and advertising budget, or $15 million.

Legal woes aside, we do hope Tulip Fever blooms in theaters sometime this year. It’s a reunion of sorts between Weinstein and Stoppard, who swept the Oscars with 1998’s Shakespeare in Love.

Jan 2017
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Several new production stills from Alicia’s upcoming film Tulip Fever have been released. Check them out in the gallery!

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Oct 2016
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Alicia was all smiles as she walked the red carpet to attend the premiere of The Light Between Oceans in London last night (October 19) alongside the cast and crew. She is wearing a Louis Vuitton dress and Bulgari jewels. Beautiful! You can visit our gallery for more high quality pictures.

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Sep 2016
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THE NEW YORK TIMES – It’s impossible to watch The Light Between Oceans — Derek Cianfrance’s tale of a childless Australian couple who discover a baby in a rowboat and keep it — and not assume that you’re witnessing its stars, Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender, falling in love.

After all, speculation ran rampant last year when photographs suggested that the incandescent actors were an item — a suggestion that neither would confirm. Rumor seemed to become fact when Ms. Vikander kissed Mr. Fassbender after she won the best-supporting actress Oscar for The Danish Girl in February, and the world’s collective knees went weak.

Seated on a sofa — but not too close — at the Ritz-Carlton Battery Park this summer, Ms. Vikander and Mr. Fassbender completed each other’s sentences as they discussed their film, an adaptation (opening Friday, Sept. 2) of M. L. Stedman’s novel about Tom, a World War I veteran turned lighthouse keeper on a rocky, storm-swept island, and his wife, Isabel, whose maternal longing he wants nothing more than to satisfy.

Asked about their discretion, Ms. Vikander, wearing geometric-print palazzo pants and radiantly barefaced, said that “we’ve done this film and we’re talking about it,” but added: “Then you keep certain things private and between us, which I think is the right thing.”Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander, the stars of Derek Cianfrance’s new film, 'The Light Between Oceans'
Ms. Fassbender, his blue T-shirt complementing her outfit and his eyes, chimed in, “Our work is something that we’re very committed to, but also our private lives.”

They also spoke about their characters’ moral compromises, their director’s quirks and the scene where she shaves his mustache off — with a real blade. These are edited excerpts from the conversation.

Congratulations on your Oscar success.
ALICIA VIKANDER – It was the most memorable and extraordinary night, and good partying, and I’ve kind of been in a bubble since then.

With so many offers sent your way, why this film?
MICHAEL FASSBENDER – I was doing “Macbeth,” and Derek came to visit. The script really got me in a primal place, just hit me emotionally. It seemed like a very old-school film, and that felt very refreshing.

VIKANDER – I admired Michael for being one of the most brave actors I had seen. And when I knew that he was involved in this, and with Derek, whose previous films [like “Blue Valentine”] I’d loved, that was it even more. It was a script that made me cry. But the people are always what draw me most to a film.

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Sep 2016
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The gallery has been updated with pictures of Alicia attending the premiere of The Light Between Oceans at the 73rd Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy. We will probably add more during the day, stay tuned and enjoy!

Sep 2016
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Alicia is at the 73rd Venice Film Festival to promote The Light Between Oceans alongside co-star Michael Fassbender and director Derek Cianfrance. During the day (September 1st), they attended a photocall followed by a press conference. Head over to our gallery for high quality pictures!

Public Appearances > Events from 2016 > 73rd Venice Film Festival – Day 2
Public Appearances > Events from 2016 > 73rd Venice Film Festival – ‘The Light Between Oceans’ Photocall